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The IBS Relief Programme is a one-of-a-kind in Ireland and differs from the traditional methods of dietetic treatment offered by dietitians to tackle IBS symptoms. 

Traditionally, a client would have a 50 minute time slot with the dietitian, with no support or accountability after that 50 minutes is up. Unfortunately, this model does not work, and it does not get clients life-changing results.

This is why Aoife chooses to do things differently. Her method gets clients the best results, and fast. Aoife works with a small number of clients at a time, meaning that each of her clients receives her full energy & attention during the coaching process.

Aoife's clients enjoy second to none accountability & support to guide them through their IBS freedom journey quickly and easily.

This is the final step in taking control of your gut symptoms.

The IBS Relief Programme

How It Works

Experience the convenience of IBS relief with our In-Person and Online Programme!


Questionnaire & Food Diary

This will give me crucial information to help me understand your personal situation and will help me to formulate a plan which is personalised to you.


Symptom Relief

Lay the foundations for IBS management & gain symptom relief. Phase 1 is focused on getting you fast relief from your gut symptoms.


Pinpoint Triggers

Now that your symptoms are under control, we will work together to pinpoint your personal symptom triggers & formulate a personalised flare-up plan.


Expand & Optimise

With your symptoms managed and triggers identified, the final phase will focus on optimising your gut health for the long-term while keeping your IBS under control


1:1 Support

We will have 6 x 1:1s together during the 4 month programme and weekly check-ins & Food Diary reviews via WhatsApp. The high level of contact allows me to monitor your progress closely and adjust your plan accordingly.

Outside of our calls and weekly check-ins, you can message me with any questions or concerns you may have.

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You can claim back money spent on the IBS Relief Programme from your health insurer.

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