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The IBS Relief Programme is a one-of-a-kind in Ireland and differs from the traditional methods of dietetic treatment offered by dietitians to tackle IBS symptoms. 

Traditionally, a client would have a 50 minute time slot with the dietitian, with no support or accountability after that 50 minutes is up. Unfortunately, this model does not work, and it does not get clients life-changing results.

This is why Aoife chooses to do things differently. Her method gets clients the best results, and fast. Aoife works with a small number of clients at a time, meaning that each of her clients receives her full energy & attention during the coaching process.

Aoife's clients enjoy second to none accountability & support to guide them through their IBS freedom journey quickly and easily.

This is the final step in taking control of your gut symptoms.

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The IBS Relief Programme

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The Problem with traditional Approaches to managing IBS
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Many sufferers of IBS symptoms may have seen a dietitian before but did not receive the support, tools, and accountability they needed to manage their symptoms effectively.

Traditional approaches often focus on giving clients a printout on diet for IBS or the low FODMAP diet, which can lead to people cutting out a massive amount of foods from their diet and worsening their gut health.

There is also a lot of inaccurate information online, which can make it confusing for people to navigate the area of diet and IBS.

The IBS relief Programme
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Aoife developed the IBS Relief Programme over the last few years based on her experience working with clients with IBS.

The programme is designed to empower people to take control of their symptoms, pinpoint their IBS triggers, expand their diet, manage their IBS for good, and allow them to get on with their lives with the confidence and tools they need for long-term relief.

The programme consists of 1:1 sessions every 2-3 weeks and weekly email check-ins to provide the accountability and support that clients need.

benefits of the IBS relief programme
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The programme uses simple and effective evidence-based strategies to provide long-term relief for IBS symptoms.

The level of accountability and support provided through the programme ensures clients experience a real improvement in their health.

By starting on a clean slate and re-learning all about IBS, clients discover that relief from IBS is simple and straightforward with the right support and resources.

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The program was excellent, way above and beyond what I expected and I found it really helpful! I really found it helpful that you were really supportive, encouraging and helped me find ways of including a variety of food in the diet to not make it feel too restrictive. I really appreciated the ongoing support, encouragement and feedback every week and advice when I had tummy issues. The reassurance and helping guide me through the diet was amazing, I wouldn't have been able to stick to the diet and would have given up without your ongoing support so I really appreciate it.
Aoife was really knowledgeable and seemed to be fully informed about current research and thinking. All of the documentation she supplied was easy to follow and contained key information for me to review outside of our sessions. Aoife was warm and I looked forward to our sessions each week/fortnight.
Aoife is a pleasure to work with and a wealth of knowledge. I learned so much from her in our weekly check ups, she gives you the tools and knowledge to work on your symptoms along with support. I found the whole experience extremely positive and worthwhile.
I have been trying to sort out my gut issues on my own for a long time with little success so I decided to give Aoife a call.  Her consultations are very information and loved the easy ways of contacting  her even for quick questions. Within my first week working with Aoife my bloating  was completely  gone and the other usual symptoms of IBS were way better.  I have worked with Aoife for 4 months and the results have been life changing for me.  I can now eat a wider variety  of foods with little or no symptoms today.  I now have the tools to reset my gut if I have any flare ups.  I highly recommend Aoife for  practical and  evidence based information.. it's just something you can't do on your own. It was hard but I kept learning along the way and feel very confident for the future.  I have resumed the activities  that I love  -running and  hiking without the fear of the dreaded gut issues.
Aoife is a wonderful source of knowledge all things gut-related. I learned a lot and have new tools to bring forward. I have much less pain and improved symptoms since working with Aoife. I'd highly recommend to others ready to make positive changes for their gut health!