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Hello and welcome to The Digestive Health Clinic, trusted Cork dietitian, gut health specialist and your partner in navigating the complexities of gut health. I'm Aoife McDonald, the dedicated founder of the Digestive Health Clinic and one of Cork and Ireland's leading dietitians and IBS specialists.

Picture this: a life where your gut health is no longer a mystery, but a well-understood friend, working with you to enjoy every moment to its fullest. Over the last five years, that's the transformation I've been privileged to witness in countless clients from Cork, Ireland and the wider world, who, just like you, decided it was time for a change. At The Digestive Health Clinic, we're not about quick fixes or one-size-fits-all answers. We're about empowering you with evidence-based, personalised nutrition guidance that fits your unique lifestyle and needs.

Our services encompass a broad spectrum, addressing not only specific conditions such as IBS but also offering comprehensive solutions for managing weight, controlling diabetes, improving heart health, and fostering an environment of wellness in the workplace. We understand that each journey to health is personal, which is why our renowned programmes are designed with a personalised approach to ensure that every client receives the care and attention they deserve.

Let's embark on this journey together at The Digestive Health Clinic. Your future self will thank you. Reach out today, and let's turn the page to a brighter, healthier chapter in your life.

Aoife McDonald
Consultant Dietitian
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The IBS Relief Programme

Experience the convenience of IBS relief with our In-Person and Online Programme!

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Support From A Specialist Gut health dietitian
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Get personalised support from gut health expert Aoife McDonald as part of The IBS Relief Programme. Aoife will help you connect the dots between your diet and symptoms and guide you to better gut health.

Personalised IBS Relief Plan
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Kickstart your journey to better gut health with an onboarding call with Aoife. Discuss your diet and symptoms and get expert analysis of your food and symptom diary. Receive a personalised IBS relief plan tailored to you after your first appointment.

Ongoing Support and Resources
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Experience expert support and accountability with six one-on-one video appointments with Aoife over three months. Benefit from weekly check-ins and email support, and access helpful resources like recipes, food lists, education and meal plans.

12 Week programme

'Eat Well, Feel Well' Programme

This programme is designed to offer comprehensive, personalised support to help you manage your health effectively, with a focus on accountability and continuous adaptation to your needs.

Book in for a Consultation with me to learn how YOU can optimise your health, and get the answers to the questions you've been struggling to find the answers to.

corporate services

Improve Your Employee Wellness

Invest in the Health and Well-being of Your Employees with our Corporate Nutrition Programmes.

As a highly experienced nutrition & dietetics expert, Aoife has a proven track record in clinical nutrition, private practice, and workplace wellness. She designs personalised nutrition programmes to boost employee health and productivity.

Corporate Testimonials

I attended a talk by Aoife. I found Aoife to be very knowledgeable and I really enjoyed the presentation, it was very interesting and I learned a lot from it. Thank you Aoife.
Please let Aoife know I really enjoyed the seminar. 10/10. It was very well presented and very informative.
As regards feedback and Aoife’s presentation, I really enjoyed the session, a lot of practical, good advice was available, and I’ve already started implementing it into my diet. I think it was very valuable. If there is a second session, with further advice, I would definitely attend.
I found the Nutrition & Health talk provided to be very interesting, descriptive and practical, without being too over-complicated to follow. Some great tips in relation to breaking certain food habits and around key advice for food intake on such things as fibrous foods and foods containing a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids.
I really enjoyed Aoife’s talk and thought it was perfectly pitched. It was very interesting and I was captivated for the whole talk. I would love if she can do another one at some stage.
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